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   Hi, my name is Kevin Captain. I live in Fortville, IN, a small town Northeast of Indianapolis. I grew up here with my three brothers, Kit, Kaleb, & Kory. We all have a love for music and hand drums. We've been drumming for over four years now.

   I've found that there is a lack of information on drum circles on the web, in the central IN area, so I've decided to start doing something about it. My brother Kit and I have formed a Yahoo group "indydrumcircles", to help get the word out about drum circles in the Indiana region. We're also starting our own circle, out here in Fortville. It will be held on the first Sat. of every month in the Fortville Park. It will start around 8pm and go on until 11pm or so. Bring your favorite drum or percussion instrument to the circle, whether it be a djembe, doumbek, ashiko, djun djun,  didgeridoo, talking drum, or whatever rhythm instrument you have. You don't need to have a drum; there are usually extras. Come to dance to the rhythm. Come just out of curiosity and listen to the drums. For whatever reason you come, you'll be glad you did. To find us, listen for the tribal beats and look for the glow of candles or tiki torches.
   For directions, I've provided both a link that you can type in your address to get driving directions to the circle and also a link to a close up map of the park.(There is actually not an 815 W Church St. but this put the red star in the correct place for the proximity of the location in Fortville Park.) With the  following directions you should be able to get there easily.
  - Directions from I-69: Take the Fortville exit #14, South about 5 miles. Turn right on Michigan and follow until the road ends. Turn left on Merrill and take it down to the first stop. Turn right on Church St. Follow Church St. straight into the park.
  - Directions from Pendleton Pike (SR 36): Turn North onto Merrill St. Go to the second stop sign. Turn left on Church St. and follow it straight on into the park.
  - Once in the park, follow the road as far back as it will go. Go around the loop. There is parking to the right, right before you go back up the hill. You should see drummers at the bottom of the hill.
   If you need better directions or want to know if the drum circle is on or off, due to the weather or other circumstances, please call me @ (317) 331-5520.
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Djembe - One of the most popular hand drums in drum circles
Djembe - One of the most popular hand drums in drum circles
Djembe - The most widely used percussion instrument in circles
Close up map of Fortville Park
Djembe - One of the most popular hand drums in drum circles
Fortville Drummers
Djembe - The most widely used percussion instrument in circles
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