This is the start of my renewal in Radio Control.

But Alas, she must go...FOR SALE $275 with spare parts. Email"
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Hey Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully you will find some useful information on this site, if not well, thanks for your time. Please feel free to drop an email, just to say hi, or contribute any useful information.
This page is intended to provide some information on my R/C exploits and offer tips that I have found useful to others in the hobby.
My current fascination is with Electric powered aircraft. Since this area of R/C is growing wildly as we speak, expect this site to grow as well.
As my Hangar grows in size and my knowledge increases there will be tons of stuff here to help out. At very least, the links page will send you to where I got the information.
At the rate the interest in R/C electric powered flight is growing, I would not be surprised if it surpassed IC flight in popularity.
Why Fly Electric
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Also you can expect numorous photos and videos I have shot, and found on the net.
Click here for a Pros and cons of Electric vs. Gas
My Zagi on a high speed pass. See the gallery for what happened next...
Launching your Zagi
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