I would describe most of our insiders as "protectors."  They came into being to protect the person who was hosting when that person couldn't handle any more abuse.  In this role, they truly protected the host personality for more abuse.  There are many who will argue this idea, and I will leave the arguements to them.  This is my opinion and I voice it plainly on my pages.

Panther  59  Strong calming powers 
Cass  56  Host, knows whatever happens to the system 
Conrad  51  Internal protector 
Riordan  29  Strong calming abilities, logical thinking always 
Sh'taia  35  Handles manic phases and hostile people 
Yesod  28  Energy healer, strong spiritually. Integrated with Lillith, Lelena, Artemis, Ebony and Deeana 
Jillianne  26  Handles extremely verbally hostile people, caretakes littles 
Lot  26  ISH, integrated with Sorcha, caretakes littles 
Tressa  16  Rage holder, vents safely now, caretakes littles 
Millilee  12  Blending of Millie and Lillie, not much known 
Sharon  12  Religious nature, not much known 
Carol  12  Does not speak or open mouth, orally abused, helps with littles 
Shelby  12  SRA Abuse, memories mostly unknown, likes children 
Jillie  Littles ISH, universal favorite with children and adults, SRA abuse 
Pierce  typical boy, no history known as yet 
Treasa  Pain holder, silent and tearless under torture 
Lil Cassie  Alter made by host to keep good childhood memories, does hold some bad memories 
Tuala  Came to help with the abuse that became too much to bear 
DaMira  Ish, has system history dynamics, very intelligent 
Brianna  Endured a lot of sexual abuse 
Annie Brigit  First alter created after Sorcha to take abuses she could not handle 
Kevin  Reads backwards and reads symbols 
Chaim  wonder child who is half ageless old  man 
Sorcha  18 mo  Sexually and emotionally abused. Blended with Lot 
Baby  4 mo  Initial alter created for original abuse.  Blended with host. 

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