If you are an abuse survivor, some of our pages may be triggering for you, so take care of yourself.


Can you hear them crying? Their tears?
Those tiny eyes, weeping, red, swollen...
The pain they must be feeling, their sobbing!
Can you feel their pain? Bear their shame?

The pain from their minds shattering into
pieces, of what was once whole, intact!
Can you make sense of this insanity to them?
Help them understand this is how to survive?

And that one day, the pieces will all come
close to each other, and share the fears
that drove them apart? And their tears,
finally shed together, will heal the pain?

And they will find the deep terrible shame
isn't really theirs! This horror of guilt
they've carried all this time, so long,
they can finally lay it down! If they can?

And for every time you've kept silent,
out of fear, indifference, or habit---
How will you exonerate yourself?
For the suffering goes on, and on, and on......

copyright 1/19/97 kcstars

But the truth is, the shame, guilt, embarrasment and fear of reprisals the victim carries, on their shoulders and in their hearts and souls, belongs on the shoulders of the abusers!!
It is truly hard to unload yourself of all that, and put it on the abuser.  But when it is done, the world looks entirely different! Hope re-emerges! You may have to repeat doing it, because it is so hard to free oneself from feeling the shame, guilt and blame, of the abusers.

And in the Almighty's infinite wisdom, they carry no guilt or shame or blame, because they were coerced into what happened. Sometimes we need help to realize what was used to scare that small child, and the Almighty protected their innocence, for them to reclaim.


This site is not meant to be an official diagnosis or treatment site for those with MPD, or those who think they have MPD. These are our personal observations, insights, and conclusions, only, gathered from living with the past abuse, and MPD. For professional advice please seek a competent Psychiatrist or Psychologist. Any materials we have graciously been allowed to use from other sites have that credit cited with the information.


We have dedicated this site to informing people of how this abuse has affected our life, in the hopes of keeping other children safe from being victimized in this way.

If you are an abuse survivor, some of our pages may be triggering for you, so take care of yourself.

We have put many hours of work into this website, in an effort to help others learn about Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka, Multiple Personality Disorder), the effects of abuse, both long term and immediate. We want as many people as possible to know enough about abuse so that it becomes a part of history, just as slavery has. Abused children and adults are enslaved to their abusers, until something happens to give them the chance to break away. Many of us lose more than our innocence. We lose family, friends, good health, and more. There are many sequelae, or after effects, that do not always show up right away, but impact our lives later on in significant ways. 

In the course of trying to provide a truly informational and truthful site, we have covered many areas. Please sign our guestbook to tell us what you think.

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