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Picture Gallery
Savage Garden

Guardian of Lorien- Haldir Appreciation

Welcome to my webpage, have a look around and please leave a message in my guestbook. Below are some brief explinations of what you will find on each page.

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Which Spongebob character are you?
Which of the Young's family pets are you?

Creative: Drawings, paintings, collage and prints that I have done and some drawings that my sister's have done with the PC paint program.

Picture Gallery: Pictures of me, my family, animals, etc.. can be found here.

Photography: Black and White photography. All photos have been taken and developed by me.

Design: posters, letterhead, business cards, brochures, and other things I have designed in my graphic design classes and for other purposes.

Links: Links to my other websites, friends sites, and everything else.

Savage Garden: Read about my Savage Garden concert experience.

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