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3/2/2007 Well, it's been a long time and things are really moving around here, such a pace that it's been almost impossible for me to do everything I put on my list and that includes this site. But now I've got a new site that not only will have more content but it's got all the reasons I've been distracted! Visit us and see pictures of our baby animals and projects we are working on! We just had twin baby goats deliverd on 2/27 and they are adorable!

Little Rascals Farm

08/06/06 For some reason Yahoo scrambled my pages and this is the only copy of the original index page...which it isn't, it's the weaving page. My whole site is lost in the ether and I'll have to rebuild it, perhaps better this time, so stay tuned for the resurection of this site, oh, and if you want the BOND HINTS AND TIPS page it is at: http://webspace.webring.com/people/ik/k2p2ssk/tips.htm

Bond Hints & Tips Page

06-25-06 This page is for a new adventure that is taking up some of my time lately...Weaving .  First I'll be restoring an old loom I was given that was taking up space in an old barn in Seattle.  It has been suggested that this might be an old Bergman loom, but I've no idea.  You can barely make out the name in the photo below...it's not the photo, it's the letters that are blurred making it barely legible.

Update: this is not a bergman loom, don't know whos it is but it's a nice basic loom that is counterballance.

It's an old counterbalance 40 inch rug loom and the photos below show it in the pickup.  It's been in the house for a couple of weeks now waiting for me to replace all the strings and heddles, as you can see in one picture one of the lams fell because of rotten string.




7/14/06 I've finally got some more boxes unpacked and now have room in the 'loom room' to start giving the wood a bath and condition the wood. I'm no expert, but I can't help but wonder if that yellow and orange rug yarn is a left over warp or something the original owner used to tie the warp on with...it's awfully thick stuff for rug warp.


I've finished restoring the loom, now all I have to do is warp it and I'm thinking I'll do something simple like towels. 3/2/07







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