Joan, Becky, Irene
~ Joan ~ Becky ~ Irene ~
Well Here We Are!
The three of us
during Becky's "last" trip home
before passing on. My other sister had a class reunion for her
and it was fabulous.
She wanted to come home one more time.
She was so brave.


~Remembering My Sister's~

I would like you to meet my two sisters, who have passed away now, but they are still in our hearts.
My older sister was loved by everyone and had a heart of gold.
She was 18 years older than I. Irene
She was such a jolly person and never once met a stranger. Everyone who met her loved her
and she loved everyone back.
She could play the piano Irene and Jan as well as Liberace
( so we thought )

and I always managed to get her to play for me whenever we were together. When I had my two children she was there every step of the way with me. When my grandmother aged and needed help, she took her into her home and kept her for a few years.
She loved her two daughters and grandaughter very much,
and is sadly missed by all of us.


1915 ~ 1993


My other sister, fourteen years older than I, was a Tom Boy as a child,Becky and when she graduated she entered nursing and during World War II she was an Army Nurse, and stationed in Iceland, and Hawaii. She wrote me many letters while serving Our Country. She even used to sing with a small group of musicans while in Iceland. I will always remember that she had a bicycle shipped to me when I passed the 6th grade. She was so much fun to be with. We used to get tickled over nothing and even get hysterical. She and her hubby Becky and Bob settled in California and had two sons. We would travel three thousand miles to visit her and her family, and she and her family went out of their way to show us around. They had two sons, one of which is no longer with us as he fell overboard and drowned.
Their youngest son, Dan,

is a lot like his mom when it comes to humor.
We have had so many good times together.
I sure wish we lived closer to each other.

I feel so sad she never got to see her two grandchildren for she would have loved them to pieces.
We miss her very very much.
1919 ~ 1980


Three Sisters
~The very last time the three of us were together~

~Joan ~ Irene ~ Becky ~

~"Love Each Other Today,
For When Tomorrow Comes,
Today Will Be But A Memory"~


Two Sisters

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