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My husband comes from a family of eight children and he was the first child and only boy.

Below is a picture of his family taken at Lefty's 60th Surprise Birthday Party.

Lefty Sisters


CakeAfter over 52 years on the highway driving a tractor trailer, my husband finally made his decision to retire, very reluctantly. Our wonderful children, Wayne and Vicki, and Denise and Al, gave him a most wonderful memory by having not one, but two retirement parties for him. The first was for our friends and family, and the second for his co-workers over the many years, and people he had delivered to. Both were a great success, and they really surprised him.
Lefty By Truck
He usually drove about 100,000 a year mostly on the East Coast.

Visit the website of Truckers on the World Wide Web

Since he has retired he has kept busy working around the house, and yard. Some of his hobbies include Nascar, driving his 1963 Ford Econoline pickup around.


We will be planning to take a few short trips here and there and quite possibly may meet some more of my ICQ chat buddies. I have met several already and looking forward to meeting many more.

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