One sunny day, my Furball arrived, A lifelong friendship was to be derived. Black matted hair, was covering my mutt, (Although I knew, all he needed was a haircut.) I was 7, he was supposed to be 3, My life long awaited companion, My parents got "for free." As I mounted him up With a tool belt and a lead, He would be my "jumper" And my "faithful steed." Around the yard we galloped... Around wood piles and over jumps, Some days he would decide to Just sit there, and mock a tree stump. Other days he took off! Like a Rocket lifting pad, And off ran, my "steed", After the UPS Man! On rainy days I can remember collecting flowers and leaves, And we would sit there for hours Making a book of memories. I would cry for hours, Already praying he would never die, As he gently licked my face And reassured me, as I sighed. That curly haired bundle Was my life and my joy And to not have him here anymore My life feels destroyed. We were there for him, Until he took his last breath, I can honestly say, I loved him to death. To make that decision, I vouched I'd never make. In that single moment I tested my own fate. And now I sit quietly As the tears run down my face... To love my dog "Bear" that much- Was to give him to that heavenly place. "I love you Bear" Dedicated to my heart and my soul ~"Bear"~ I will miss you greatly. ~5/87 - 4/13/00~




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