Last update: 11:50 AM 12/2/2011

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It's time to "think outside of the box store!"

For your do-it-yourself home improvement & repairs, think J & J Paint & Supply.

Your winter needs are here! Check out the seasonal page for information on in-stock shovels, ice melt, & scrapers, as well as availability on snow blowers & generators

You should easily notice one of three codes, each referring to stock availability. Don't worry! If the item you need is not normal stock, in most cases we'll have it within a week! Besides, if you need an exception, we can go to the warehouse & get it quicker for you! Try getting that customer service at the orange box store at the east end of town!
Should be available for immediate purchase/delivery
Stock is limited in-store (could be discontinued OR additional stock may be ordered)
Not something we stock, available by order only
Yeah! We take them as payment. Seriously! There's a page about it.