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Gavin at 10 years old.

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Hi, and welcome to my room. My name is Gavin Scott and I turned 10 last November 8th. I am 58 inches tall and weigh 85 pounds. Boy, am I a wild man!

I am in 3rd grade this year. Mommy was NOT happy with what was going on in school this year so she pulled me out and enrolled me in the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School. We use the K12 program And Hooked On Phonics.

I have also started seeing a doctor who is going to help me to get better. He give my supplements to help my autism and will give me pills to get the mercury out of my body. You can read all about it at Where's Gavin???

I have a new little brother, Liam. He is 2 now! You can see his page Right Here.

Well mommy has big plans for this website over the next few weeks so watch for updates and a little dusty construction! She says this site hasn't changed much since 1998 and not at all since 2000!!

Here is most of the old stuff with just slight updates:

It is time to update this a little. The last message told you all about me being born, but that seems like a long time ago. So I have told you my name and maybe by now you have already looked at some pictures. But I want to tell you about me and about Autism. There is more at Where's Gavin???

Gavin's Journal --Here is my old Journal (before they were called Blogs!!!

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