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Globe by Satin

Ya'll come on in....

   Hello, come on in here, pull up a chair and let's visit awhile.
My name is Jacquline Gayle aka Dragon Lady and I am from a
little town north of Galveston, Texas.  I have lived in this area
for over 30 years. I am originally from a small town in northern
Louisiana. I was raised by my grandparents on their farm, just
outside of Bastrop,Louisiana.
       I named my site the "Back Porch" because when I was a
kid, the back porch was a place of rest, visiting with friends and
a place to sit in the summer and shell peas and beans. Everyone
used the back door, so the porch was the place I loved most.
       I started these pages as tributes to my son and my grand-
mother. I lost my son in March of 1995 and my grandmother,
December of 1998.
       When I started working on my home webpages, I knew
nothing of putting them together. But, I have learned alot by
trial and error(ALOT of error). But this has been great therapy
for me; in my greiving process for my son and grandmother.
       My pages deal with alot of different subjects. It started
with death of loved ones, but quickly grew to include angels,
recipes, graphics that I have collected over the years, pictures
of my ancestors, even  pictures of people that are very dear
to me, and a page of information on prevention of child abuse.
And after alot of questions about me, I included a page on my-
self. And a whole lot more.
       I take no credit for any of the graphics on my pages.I hope
I have given credit to all the graphic artists. If you see some-
thing that you created and I did not give you credit, please let
me know by e-mail and I will correct that.
       Please let me know what you think of my pages, good or
bad, by signing my guestbook and letting me know.
These pages are constantly being updated.
       God bless you all and I hope you enjoy your visit.
                    And ya'll come back, you hear!

Updated August, 2000

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Mz Kitti Whimsy has dedicated this
"Love Pot" to me!
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This is my lil adopted baby boy, M.J.,
don't look like I will ever be a grandmother,
so I will take this one and love him.

These are my adopted critters. I don't
have time for real ones, so I will take
these and love them. They came house
broke, what more can you ask!!



I adopted this "Gator"
because it reminded
me of someone. Maybe
this one won't get away.
(Private joke)

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Oscar,the diller.

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