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    Amber Conley, citiehigh@hotmail.com
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    Here is a little bit about me...acctually, it's my AOL
    profile, but you get the point..
    Member Name:Fly One, Amber,
    Genesis Lover, Phil Collins Lover
    Location: Tulsa ok...LETS ALL GO COW TIPPING
    Marital Status:~*For Me To Know*~
    Hobbies:Hobbies? Um, I Like To Sing , and Dance....Thats
    fun!! I Love to Run...and listen to lots of music, i like
    almost anything except rap and country and
    classical...sorry :(...i like to perform monologues...heh
    heh..Ladies keep yo men at home cuz I roam the Streets at
    night!!! J/K
    Computers: Don't Talk to me if you are interested in what
    kind of computer I have..
    Occupation:SoPh@BKHS(bishop kelley) o yeah.....other than
    that....Webpage Designer...any webpage assitance is free
    (although im kinda new)And C&J's Employee!! GO UNIFORMS!
    Personal Quote: I wanna be the minority, I don't need your authority, Down with them all, the majority, 'Cause I wanna be the minority. ~*Green Day
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