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    Amber Conley, citiehigh@hotmail.com.com
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    Welcome to my Guestbook!

    Kim Flowers (or silly) - 11/02/00 21:15:39
    My URL:http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Square/4038
    My Email:silly_1979@hotmail.com

    This web page RULES!!!8-) I LOVE the graphics (ESPECIALLY the background)!!!8-)

    Bill - 08/20/00 10:45:34
    My Email:more MIDI, maybe MP3

    This is a good page because here are all the lyrics and stuff. thank you.

    Mark Maners - 08/19/00 02:20:40

    I'm also STILL upset about Phil leaving the band !! " I Can't Dance " was their best album to date, then it ended...D'ohhhhhh !!!!!!!!

    Trinstar - 08/06/00 14:35:29
    My URL:http://www.trinstar.cjb.net/
    My Email:TrinstarX@cs.com

    I think your site is excellent. Aside from a few small spelling errors, I think the site looks good. I do think, however, it could be... hmm... "cleaned up" a little bit. That is a technical term. I mean, some things look a little rough around the edg s. Maybe some tables, some different colored fonts, and possibly a few more pictures would be good. But the site is very good overall.

    Sara - 07/31/00 16:08:14
    My URL:http://nimbus.temple.edu/~lseinjr/Genesis_sitenew.htm
    My Email:more paragraphs

    Hi Amber! Cool site!

    Steven L. Hornsby - 07/29/00 23:04:12
    My URL:erimosh@aol.com

    Great job Amber.I think Phil would be glad,and as well as the rest of the Genesis crew that youre work is so fantasticly right onn.And i thank you for your work.I hope our friends across the water and our Local fans have as much fun here as I.Kuddo's.God less,Steven.

    Tom Bender - 07/29/00 04:56:27

    Greetings Amber....your counter said that I was number 9 (isn't that in a song somewhere?). I got linked through Paperlate. The site is cool, I'm all for anything about the band. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. Tom Bender mindbender_tb@yahoo.com

    KW!! - 07/29/00 02:47:20
    My URL:http://www.geocities.com/tipsykw/index.html
    My Email:nothin!! tis beautiful!!

    Wow!! that's awesome!! where do u get all this stuff?

    KW!! - 07/29/00 02:41:55
    My URL:http://www.geocities.com/tipsykw/index.html
    My Email:nothin!! tis beautiful


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