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Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Inc.

New Zealand

This club is the only Pyrenean Club recognised by and an associate of the
New Zealand Kennel Club Inc., 

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club's objective is to promote the Pyrenean Mountain Dog breed both in New Zealand and worldwide and to enjoy our association with these superb animals.The club endeavours to provide
information to its members and to foster public awareness by means of :

Pyrhaps Our newsletter to members containing articles, information, gossip and show results.

Registers Assisting members and prospective owners with sound puppy breeding

Shows 1997 was the year of the first PMDC Open Show followed in 1998 by the first equally successful Championship Show.  These are now annual events.

Ribbon Parades Club Ribbon Parades to encourage "showing" these beautiful dogs in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Match Days Club show competitions for team points against other specialist breeds clubs. Again fun and friendly rather than intensely competitive.

Trigiantic A special match day between Pyreneans, Newfoundlands and St Bernards held in Wellington in July. This competition is completely organised by the PMDC

Clash of the Titans The South Island annual match held in January in Dunedin between Newfoundlands, St Bernards and Pyreneans. Organised by the PMDC South Island Sub-Branch.

Battle of the Giants The PMDC supports the NI St Bernard Club's Battle of the Giants fun weekend at Taupo early each year. Includes a street collection for charity as well as the traditional dog club activities such as socialising, barbeque and more socialising. Oh yes and a dog show.

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