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Women of Steel
Women of Steel II

Who killed the music?

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JoDee Messina
Dixie Chicks

Shania Twain

Deana Carter

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Did you think, when we redesigned our front page, that we wouldn't find a way to get JoDee Messina into a prominent spot? Surely, you jest.
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Motivation for this site: Not much beyond a love of country music, an opinionated nature, and a belief that you don't have to be from the South -- or even living in the country -- to enjoy this music. (I happen to live in Southern California's Inland Empire, 60 miles east of Los Angeles).
If this website seems to favor female performers ... well, it does.
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A salute to two wonderful performers, and two of our all-time favorites, Reba McEntire and Emmylou Harris.
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