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I have personally found these sites to be most helpful.
This list of links is, however, only a fraction of what is available on the Internet.

If you have any favorite sites that you think should be added to this list,
feel free to email me at: skhopper@iwl.net

If you are interested in helps regarding higher education, please go here:

Topical Indicators:
Each of the links will be topically tagged by at least one of the following:
* - Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Libraries
* - Entertainment and Music Related (Movie and TV reviews, Magazines, Songs and Musicians...)
* - Health
* - Homework helper and Q&A sites
* - Just for Fun
* - English and Language Arts
* - History and Geography
* - Mathematics
* - Science and Technology

* 2000-2001 Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List
*AAAS Science Update - This site brings you compelling science news and information.
*American Museum of Natural History
*American West - Developmental and historical details
*Ask Dr. Universe - Got a question? You've come to the right place!
*Ask Jeeves! - great question/answer spot for almost any kind of question
*A Web of Online Dictionaries - not only English, but 85 other languages, including, Klingon and Vulcan.
*Awesome Library - Education Directory for kids, teens, teachers, parents, librarians and communities.
Text only site, and Spanish translations also available.
*B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - wonderful homework site started by a 12-year-old kid
*Bill Nye the Science Guy's Labs Online - Demos, goodies, Teacher's Lounge and more
*Blue Web'n - A library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the Web.
*Brain Candy - insults, riddles, jokes, humor, word play, mind games.
*Build a Solar System - Get an accurate sense of space.
***Calculators' Online - This site has every type of calculator you could ever need.
*Chem4Kids! - chemistry site geared to kids
*Children's Television Workshop - games, stories, web wonders, activities and much more
*Colonial Dateline - An outline of the people, places and happenings of colonial times.
*Crayola - Fun for kids.
*Discovery Online - Exploring Discovery Channel Show Topics.
*Elmers - Elmers Glue homepage. Product index, store, kidz page and more.
**ENC Online - K-12 mathematics and science curriculum resources
*Encyclopedia.com - provides free, quick, and useful information on almost any topic.
*Feature Films for Families - strengthening traditional values through entertainment.
*****Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Hundreds of education resources
supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government are now easier to find.
*Fiskars for Kids - Fun craft projects for You and Your Family
*Geoscience - K - 12 Resources
*****Global Schoolhouse - Linking Kids, Teachers, and Parents around the world.
*Highlights for Children - Fun with a purpose.
*Historical U.S. Maps - detailed historical maps of our country.
Map sizes quite large, and can take some time to download.
*History Buff's Reference Library - Covers different topics throughout history.
**History of Mathematics - The largest and best source of biographies on the net.
*HomeworkCentral.com - Explore over 10,000 study subjects
linked to 100,000 scholar-selected Internet resources.
*Houston Public Library - Houston Metropolitain Research Center
*How Stuff Works! - Have you ever wondered how your car engine, or refrigerator work?
*Human Anatomy Online
*HyperHistory - Over 1800 files covering 3000 years of world history.
*IBM Stretch: Electric Origami Shop - Imagination + Technology = FUN!
*Kellogg's Game Zone - games, puzzles, screensavers and activities
*KidsClick! - Web search for kids by librarians.
*Kids Cooking Club - Complete cooking projects designed just for kids.
*Kids Food Cyber Club - C.A.H.S. nutritional information. Sections for kids, parents and teachers.
*KidsHealth - Children's health and parenting information. From the medical experts of the Nemours Foundation.
**Kids Web Math - great resources and links for students.
**Laws list - Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants & experiments in physics.
***Learn2.com - online courses, educational e-commerce, and thousands of free learn2's
on useful skills for every day living.
**Learn Physics Today! - This is an online interactive Physics tutorial-you'll need a Java equipped browser.
*Letsfindout Kid's Encyclopedia - Accessible information on a variety of really cool subjects.
It's a great homework helper.
*Library of Congress - through this site you have access to 20 million books and documents.
**Magic School Bus Fun Place
*Math Forum - Student and teacher sections. Calculations, problems and puzzles.
*MathStories.com - Math word problems for Children
*MathMol - introductory starting point for K-12 students and teachers interested in the field
of molecular modeling and its application to mathematics.
**McShane's Planes - learn how to fold paper airplanes.
*Mead Student Stuff - great school supplies online
*Mega Mathematics - creative and imaginative ideas, exercises, and fun things to do for all ages
*Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary, Thesaurus, Word Games and More
**MIT Libraries - Online data bases, reference tools, and electronic journals.
*Music History 102 - a Guide to Western Composers and their Music from the Middle Ages to the Present
*NASA Human Space Flight
**National Air and Space Museum - If it flies, they've got it.
**National Geographic Online - the magazine and television show information all online!
*Nine Planets - A multimedia tour of the solar system.
**NYU-GSAS - Academic departments and programs.
*PBS Online - Teacher source, PBS kids, TV schedules, shop and more
*Periodic Table of the Elements
*Puzzle Depot - Entertain your brain
**ResearchPaper.com - Web's largest collection of topics, ideas, and assistance
for school related research projects.
*Robert The Bruce - A nice history on this most famous Scotsman.
*Roget's Thesaurus Online
*Schoolwork Ugh! - Homework helps. Covers a large variety of topics.
*Screen It! - Entertainment reviews for parents. Gives detailed coverage of movies, music and videos,
and explains exactly why the movies/music were given their ratings.
*Science Club - Great Science Fair project ideas
*Science Hobbyist - Amateur Science and more
*Seven Wonders - A list of the Seven wonders of the ancient world, plus detailed descriptions of each.
**Shakespeare - The complete works of William Shakespeare
**Smithsonian - America's treasure house of learning
*Tech4Learning, Inc. - Tech4Learning provides products, information, and services that enhance student learning,
supporting educators with tools to apply and integrate effective educational technology.
*Texas Library Association - academic, public, school and special services.
*Tornadoes and T'Storms - a research site
*U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
*Your Weight on Other Worlds - Did you ever wonder what you might weigh on Mars or The Moon?
Here's your chance to find out.
**Yuckiest Site on the Internet - The Best place for science entertainment.

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