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is a german shepherd the right breed for you?


So you have decided that you want a German Shepherd, but have you decided for the the right reasons?

The German Shepherd is a large, intelligent and active dog, that makes a wonderful companion whether for a single or for a family.

Ok lets look at some of the words that I have used to describe the GSD.

Large - Male dogs should range in height from 60cm to 65cm and Bitches from 55cm to 60cm.  You will probably find that the majority of animals are on the upper size limit.  Have you thought about their height in comparison to yours?  They are also large in that they are a solid dog and carry a reasonable amount of weight to go with it, are you big enough to handle it?

Intelligent  & Active - I feel that these two things really go hand in hand. They are NOT the type of dog that you can put in the backyard and forget about.  If you do this you will have a nuisance dog (and probably in more ways than one).  Their minds need to be stimulated, so DON'T even think of a GSD unless you are prepared to undertake some OBEDIENCE TRAINING (maybe even agility or flyball) to keep them from getting bored.  

You need to be prepared to exercise your GSD every day, a great way to keep the both of you fit and healthy but also a good way to stop your GSD from becoming destructive.

The GSD needs to be socialised properly from an early age.  If this is done they are a wonderful companion that fits into any situation.  If they aren't socialised you might find that they don't take to new situations readily, which includes new people around the house etc.

The GSD has a double coat that needs regular grooming.  They will have big coat losses a couple of times a year (and more frequently if it is a bitch that has been in season or had a litter). When this coat loss occurs be prepared to groom everyday.  But if you give them a good brush everyday during this period (which need not take too long) then you will have a well groomed dog.

So before you decide to purchase a German Shepherd think about Size, Activity Level (both yours and the dogs), Obedience Training and grooming.

If you still think that a German Shepherd is the right breed for you then the next step is to find the right puppy/dog for you from a reputable breeder.










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