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What is Galactic Groove?
Galactic Groove is a local cable access show on Portland Community Media Television produced by and starring Alexandra Paris, a local performer and b-movie actress, Chastity Frustration, the first lady of The Embers Avenue and Nicholas Illusion, Devo Extrodinaire.

How long has the show been on?
Since late spring of 2001 and we are going into our fifth year on Portland Community Media Television.

What is the show about?
Galactic Groove is a local show that spotlights local talent of all genres here in the city of Portland.

I'm a local musician and I want some exposure for my music. Who do I contact to become a musical guest?
Easy! Just contact us through the website at galacticgroovepdx@yahoo.com or you can send us your CD demos by snail mail:
Galactic Groove
c/o Alexandra Paris Productions
1920 NW 26th #246
Portland, Oregon 97210
attn: Dawn Jasman Executive Producer

What if I'm not a musical guest, but I am a local artist, actor, director, performer or jack/jill of all trades and I want 15 minutes of fame?
Galactic Groove is always looking for interesting people to be guests. We have had a lot of really cool people on the show who were writers, drag queens, producers, actors and comics! It doesn't matter, so if you're interested in your 15 minutes of fame on local cable access, feel free to contact us! We would love to have you on the show!

I have an original short film or a music video for my band that I want to get exposure for. Can you guys do that on your show?
You betcha! As long as your short film or music is no longer than 10 minutes long and does not violate any copyrights. We have to be really strict on that since we are cable access TV and not network.

Hey! I was wondering, after seeing your show I have been inspired to start my own show on Portland Community Media Television. How do I go about making my own reality TV?
That's a good question! First off, you have to go to a 90-minute orientation which is held at PCMTV on these days:

The 2nd Saturday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in studio A
the last last Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in studio A
*Times may vary, for more info on PCM's new producer orientaions,
click here.*

The orientation is free to the public and everyone is welcome! After that they will tell how to get hooked up with classes so you can make your own reality TV!

Are you based on Neilsen ratings?
Nope! As a matter of fact we are not based on ratings at all. Some of us get e-mails as an indication as to who might be watching.

I think your show sucks and I find it very offensive because of it's content! Who do I complain to to get you taken off the air?
Actually, there are people who don't like the show and to be honest we don't give a rat's ass! Being on cable access TV all about freedom of speech baby! If you don't like the content we have to offer, you can always use the remote and find another channel.

Is there anyway we can contact Alexandra, Chastity or Nick personally?
They always enjoys hearing from their fans, but out of respect for their personal privacy, we screen any e-mail that is sent.

How is Galactic Groove funded?
Since this is DIY (do it yourself) TV, the funding comes out of the pockets of the producers themselves. No we aren't rich kids who use daddy's money like some would believe. We are people with day jobs who want to make some really cool cable access TV and have fun doing it in the process.

How did you get the cool graphics for your website?
There is an awesome site called Flaming Text where you can get some really cool web stuff for your site!

Hey! I caught your show on the web and I have a show of my own that I really want to get streamed to the net. Do you know who I talk to about that?
There are some really folks out in New Jersey who can get you started. They run an awesome site called IVNET.TV and they run TV shows from all over the world! You can contact them through their website!
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