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Have you visited Japan? Have you stayed in Japan? Have you read the book about Japan?

If your answer is "No!" this page is for you.


And, if your answer is "Yes!" I'm sure you can enjoy this page more because I show you good spots, which are not written by guidebook for foreigners.


Anyway, I welcome your visit. Please leave your comment on my Guestbook. Thank you.


  Good place to visit in Japan

Zindai Temple


temple and noodles.(6/2 up date)

Nagatoro (Saitama) 

beautiful ravine.(2/4 up date)



 elegant port town?(2/18 up date)



Akeno (Yamanasi)

lovely flower garden(2/4 up date)


Titibu(1) Titibu(2) (Saitama)

ancient shrine and temples.(5/5 up date)

Kamogawa (Tiba)

an excellent aquarium.(2/10 up date)

Syowa Kinen Park(Tokyo)

lovely cherry blossoms (4/14 up date)


  Other contents

  My Review (book, VHS) (2/4 up date)

 About Me (2/4 up date)

 My Essays (3/17 up date)


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