Gnome & Harriet's Fondue Pit
coming soon

The Pit is making its epic return!
A newer, shinier, better-designed home for everyone's favorite globe-trotting, monkey-love-making, kidnapper-beating, fondue-loving, inappropriately-tattooed, perpetually-fucked-up five-some. And the plethora of other stories gnome and Harriet have written for your masochistic pleasure!
Check it out at

And, as a super added bonus: NEW FONDUE!
That's right! Assuming gnome manages to fulfill her end of the bargain (i.e. getting the new site up and running relatively glitch-free) Harriet will be plugging away at the newest installment of Fondue.

Check back soon or email us for updates!
We hope to have things up and at least partly running sometime in May—knock on wood. (We have literally hundreds of chapters to get up, so the full archives may not be up for awhile.) OR—if you're too lazy to check back every couple weeks, or just so excited that you don't want to miss a day of fancy Fondue goodness, email us at fonduepit[at]gmail[dot]com, and we'll let you know when we relaunch.

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