Suddenly, in the 70s, there was this idiom.

An idiom that reached perfect pitch of high and low art, that propogated devience, decadance, subversion and perversity. An idiom that heralded trashchic, rebel wit, serious rock with a fucking sense of humor. An idiom that gave the world something truly new.

During the MotherAge there were many more glam bands (or bands that claimed the title) than are reflected here. A.Y.P.T is always open to argument for additions, but as relayed upfront this site is not meant to be totally inclusory, it is utterly privledged.

Also, we all know that most of these brilliant artists didn't live their entire creative lives in this domain. This site is just a caption on a photograph. Whereever they are now, we know they were here once.

These are the Idols. The Superstars. The A-Team. The Progenitors of Glam. Without them, the world as we know it would not exist.

Marc Bolan/T.Rex*** David Bowie*** Iggy Pop/Stooges*** Lou Reed/V.U.
Roxy Music/Brian Eno*** New York Dolls*** Blondie

* * Marc Bolan
"The British glam rock group T. Rex, though never huge in the United States, was one of the most popular groups in British rock and the inspiration behind the "glam" movement. With his Botticelli face and curls and whimsically glamorous image, Marc Bolan fronted T. Rex, a British group that generated a fan hysteria reminiscent of Beatlemania...But while T. Rex could not duplicate its British success in America (where its sole major hit was the Top Ten smash 'Bang a Gong'), the group's heavy-guitar sound has had an enduring influence..."- Rolling Stone"

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Top 3 Glam Albums
1. Electric Warrior
2. The Slider
3. Dandy in the Underworld

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* * David Bowie

"...David Bowie, as a musician, performer and songwriter, defied this convention completely. He continually re-invented himself and his art at breakneck speed and illogical disjointedness. It seemed as though time was always at a premium. With complete disregard for music style loyalty or so called integrity, he often combined the most unlikely forms of music with angst ridden end-of-millennium subject matter, presenting the rock world with its first truly post-modernist star. After living each legendary character to the utmost, he deconstructed that which made him singular, then a new element would arise to confound and entice the masses who thought they had just figured out his latest incarnation. Bowie exemplifies the new aesthetic from his humble folkie beginnings to the glitter and glam of Ziggy Stardust, to the elegance of the Thin White Duke at each twist and turn of his career, creating more than one myth to harken back to his creative visions. ....-SonicNet"

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Top 3 Glam Albums
1. Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust
2. Hunky Dory
3. Alladin Sane

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* * Iggy Pop

On the Stooges: "The Stooges lurched into life when James Jewel Osterburg -- aka IGGY POP -- dragged Ron (guitar) andScott Asheton (drums) into his garage-band mind. They recruited Dave Alexander to play the bass parts and launched a monstrous career as all-time bad influences, the drug-addled dark side of primitive glam-rock. - Muze"

On Iggy... "...With his outrageous, cathartic and at times dangerous stage antics, and the relentless rock & roll that accompanied them, Iggy Pop prefigured both Seventies punk and Nineties grunge. His persona that of the eternal misfit, saboteur of all convention, he has parlayed twisted social commentary, an affecting if limited vocal style, and unlikely survival smarts into a long career characterized by scant commercial success, sizable critical notice, and a fanatical cult.....- Rolling Stone"

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Top 3 Glam Albums
1. Funhouse
2. Raw Power
3. Lust for Life

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* *Lou Reed ::: Velvet Underground

On V.U.:
"...While their songs were constructed on the same three chords and 4/4 beat employed by most groups of the late Sixties, the Velvets were unique in their intentional crudity, in their sense of beauty in ugliness, and in their lyrics. In the age of flower power they spoke in no uncertain terms of social alienation, sexual deviancy, drug addiction, violence, and hopelessness. Both in their sound and in their words, the songs evoked the exhilaration and destructiveness of modern urban life. The group's sound and stance were of seminal importance to David Bowie, the New York Dolls, Patti Smith, Mott the Hoople, Roxy Music, the Sex Pistols, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, and countless others of the protopunk, punk, and postpunk movements. ... - Muze "

On Lou:
"...Lou Reed was responsible for a body of work that was alienated from the optimism of the day and passionately bleak, and that remains highly influential today. He is often referred to as the godfather of punk. His solo career, which began after he left the Velvets in 1970, has been more idiosyncratic and marked by sudden turnabouts in image and sound, from self-consciously commercial product to white noise to unpredictable folk rock. ....- Rolling Stone"

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Top 3 Glam Albums
1. Transformer
2. Rock & Roll Animal
3. The Velvet Underground and Nico

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* *Roxy Music ::: Brian Eno

"...Few rock bands have been as flexible as Britain's Roxy Music. Ranging from avant-garde art rock to glam to soul-pop to disco to synth pop, their music initially won them cult stardom and critical acclaim and later made them one of the more popular rock acts of the late '70s and early '80s. Roxy Music defined the tone of Seventies art rock by coupling Bryan Ferry's elegant, wistful romantic irony with initially anarchic and later subdued, lush rock. The band was never as popular in America as it was in Europe, perhaps because its detachment and understatement baffled American tastes. But Ferry's witty hoping-against-hopelessness persona and Brian Eno's happy amateurism filtered into the late-Seventies new wave while Roxy Music itself was in suspension. ....- Rolling Stone"

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Top 3 Glam Albums
1. For Your Pleasure
2. Here Come the Warm Jets
3. Roxy Music

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**New York Dolls

"...When the New York Dolls formed in late 1971, they were not only creating some of the most passionate music of the new glitter era (and in fact defining a new New York rock style) but setting the stage for the punk movement that followed five years later.... A local glitter scene of sorts developed around the group. The Dolls' music was strongly influenced by the Rolling Stones, the MC5, the Stooges, and the Velvet Underground, but was deliberately more amateurish. And their look -- outrageous clothing and women's makeup -- captured the outrage and threat of glitter. Despite this, their music and attitude were down to earth, and their stardom-by-self-definition stance served to keep most record companies at a distance. ....- Rolling Stone"

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Top 3 Glam Albums
1. Rock & Roll
2. New York Dolls
3. Red Patent Leather

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* * Blondie

"...The band played in New York downtown circuit -- CBGB's, Max's Kansas City and the Mercer Arts Center. They collected a big following and in 1976 they recorded their first album "Blondie". It was released in 1977 and was well received. After a successful stint in L.A., the band toured in support of Iggy Pop and David Bowie. ...Blondie was the greatest pop band of the New Wave Punk era. They were pop because you can't really say they were new wave or punk, or funk, or disco, or art for that matter. They did everything that interested them -- including the first rock/reggae and rock/disco. To some they were new wave with their ironic words, cool haircuts and Debbie in day glo Steven Sprouse fashions. To some they were punks -- mocking rock dinosaurs and Debbie the cover girl on Punk Magazine. Whatever they did, it all came out sounding great and Blondie remains one of the biggest hitmaking bands of our time."....-SonicNet"

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Top 3 Glam Albums
1. Blondie
2. Parallel Lines
3. Plastic Letters

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