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*** I dedicate this site to Todd Haynes + because he doesn't just love glam, he is in love with glam. ***

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A.Y.P.T's sistersite, a Yahoo Club. Join us for glam Chat, Artful Living, and Revolution.

Official site for Kevin Cahoon, broadway legend and saucy headliner for the new and dangerous glam band Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy

they used to make icon-fronting glam rock t-shirts, but they stopped doing that for some reason, they've lost their way. but their clothes are still pretty cool ...

name sayz it all - every month, bbie turns the spotlight on a deserving celebrity who knows how to put it on. naturally, most of the glam paradigms and parvenus on this site are once and future all-stars. m-m-good.

A nastier, trashier, flashier glam site, with broader yet impeccable taste in golden calfs. So hot, so hard, so big, you will need a hosedown and a valium afterwards.
ReadVolumes.com - International Music Directory & Music Store

VIP is just like one of those enormous music fairs where you dig up the priceless gems and bin bargains, but without the smelly hippies and rollerbladers. And it's all about the music, innit?

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