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 The Manic Street Preachers are Nicky Wire, James Bradfield, and Sean Moore. Of course before 1995 it consisted of Richey James as well. This is common knowledge.

At first, the thought of a three piece Manics was rather daunting, but after Richey's disappearance, the remaining members showed us the Manics would live on. There is all sorts of speculation about what happened to Richey and who knows really what happened, or where he ended up. Personally, I just like to think that he got sick of all the press and went to some remote place wherever, where he's happy and well. Wherever it is you are Richey, just remember, you'll never be forgotten!

How do you really introduce a band like the Manics? Well there really isn't another band like them. Their music is unique, their style more so. There is nothing like seeing them

live. I had the pleasure of seeing the now three piece Manic Street Preachers in January of this year, and believe every word when I say they were awesome!!! Brilliant!!! When I saw them I nearly fell over in absolute disbelief. Seeing them sing live was far better than listening to them on any cd.

If you haven't seen them yet make sure you do A.S.A.P! Until then, check out some cool Manics' sounds here


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