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Attention: The original track session tape of the La`s made in 1986, that got them a record deal with Go, is for sale. Producer Mick Moss sent me the following message :

I have the original 1/2 inch 8 track multi track session tape of the La`s made in 1986 at the Trade Union Centre in Liverpool.

This was the demo session that got them the deal with Go Discs.

It features; Way out, Doledrums, Come in Come out, Callin` all, Son of a Gun and Liberty Ship.

This tape was mentioned in a La`s article in Mojo - quote:

"Anyway, Lee was working on 24 track with people like John Leckie. The key thing was he played these amazing eight track demos of songs like Doledrums and Son of a Gun and said "that`s what I want it to sound like". To this day they haven`t been bettered - he says that himself. The tonal quality of the instruments is fantastic. the acoustic guitars are rich and full."

If you are interested, email Mr Moss at


The story of the La's is quite a sad one, as such talented boys with so much to offer stopped before they really began.

The La's, short for "the lads" were a group from Liverpool who joined together in the '80s and broke up in the early '90s. The lead singer, Lee Maver's obsession with creating the perfect record is ultimately what broke up the band.

The La's had an endless number of changes to their band line up, which included at one stage, Chris Sharrock on drums instead of Lee's brother Neil. Just before they broke up however, The La's consisted of Lee Mavers, lead vocals and guitar, Neil Mavers, brother of Lee, who played the drums, John Power on bass guitar, and Peter Cammy on guitar.

The La's only ever released one album, that being a self titled album, and containing one of the most perfect songs ever made, "There She Goes". Their album was released November 1990.

Although they were not together for very long, they still managed to show the world just how talented they are, and have etched their way into many fans' hearts as one of the best bands ever to make such classic music. Music that would be remembered forever.

Although The La's are no longer, John Powers, the bass guitarist of the La's is now a member of the very successful Cast. John Powers really lived out one of the last lines in "Lookin' Glass", that being "The change is cast..." Lee Mavers has stayed out of the lime light in recent years, and lives a quiet life in Huyton (near Liverpool) with his wife and children.


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