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6.24.01 As you can see, I have not made a lot of changes since last year, but Chapter 11 of Emerald Dream is finally up. ^_^ A lot of my old wallpapers look bad so I took them down.

7.18.00 I have now 21 wallpapers on my anime wallpaper page.

7.1.00 I'm proud to say...I finished revising Emerald Dream...as for chapter 11...its...coming...i hope... As for Sailor Moon fanfics, I might be editing and posting new ones...i'm not sure...maybe...

6.30.00 Finished revising Emerald Dream Chapt 5.

6.27.00 This is taking me longer than I thought. When I looked closely at my Emerald Dream fanfic I found sooo many glitches!! >_< ahhh! I am adding new stuff in and not just revising anymore...some places I added a little more touch to it so that it wasn't just "blah" to quote amy, and in other places i'm adding more details...so...I've finished with chapter 2

6.26.00 Major update of the update page ^_^ The blinds have been drawn up before my eyes. I see that there's a bunch of tiny mistakes to fix in emerald dream. Since i haven't been able to write more for the story, i have decided to go back and strive for a little better quality. So please, everyone, *that would mean about 2,3 people i think ^-^"*, bear with me! ANNOUNCEMENT: *did i spell that rite? o.o* I have, as of now, or a couple of days ago, a rurouni kenshin page!!! There are...two things concering that page up at the moment ^-^'...uh...one fic, one poem...um..enjoy! ^-^'

6.10.00 I've been gone quite a while...hehe, but major change in x, still not that much but...1 x fic...new poems... Also planning to do rurouni kenshin ones ^-^

1.31.00 Emerald Dream Chapter 10 is up ^.^

1.26.00 I forgot to update my update page!! o.O Sigh...I've only been able to update the looks of my pages and fanfics... Emerald Dream 9 is up and so is Fated Love 3. I forgot to update the reflections..so I did that ^_____^.

10.8.99 i've separated the fanfiction for sailor moon and fushigi yuugi..uh...nuthing much ^-^"

9.29.99 added a new poem! go check it out and also on the reflection page, a new reflection thingy! ^.^

9.25.99 added chapter 8 for emerald dream

8.30.99 i didn't realize the guestbook sign in thing didn't work always till now...but i've got a more reliable guestbook now so go sign!! hehe ^-^ i added some graphix stuff...(oh yeah, the artemis animated gif was made by LilMinako4@aol.com!!)taken from sites such as Lycentia's SM Web Graphics Shop and KatC's Sailormoon Goodies...but the lil modest image buttons on the X page is mine hehe ^-^ not the pictures but still...i gotta work on a new links page soon!! -.-' but school's gonna start....

8.17.99 now my main site is officially Glass jewel and i have a banner too ^-^

8.14.99 i've changed fantasy realm to fantasy and real dimension to reality, i changed my poems page to reflections and put a lake applet up!! i think i'm gonna change the name of my main page soon too

8.9.99 i've added a poem for emerald dream see here oh yeah, and it's a frame, if u can't see frames go here

8.9.99 GUESS WHAT!! i actually have a real dimension page now!!! ^-^ go visit!! i've added a poems page too for my poems ^^

8.7.99 i've added the long-awaited chapter 7 for emerald dream! ^-^' is anybody really reading it?? ah well ^-^

7/30/99 Finally!!! i've changed my homepage, everybody has to see it!! i've added a lil disclaimer page too, so before anybody get mad at me or anybody takes anything from my pages, they should read it!

7.23.99 ADDED X PAGE!!

7/16/99 Added part II to Fated Love...

7/12/99 Added basic information on all of the sailors...

7.9.99 I've added chapter 6 to Emerald Dream in fanfic page, i've added another picture there too. I put up characters page and put up info for usagi. uh...that's it ^-^'

7/8/99--I put this page up!! yay! let's see, i put up the sailor moon page but only the reincarnation thing is up so go see it!!

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