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A site for masculine str8,bi and curious frot fans.
Not only is this is site for masculine dudes who find frot hot and identify with like minded men. It's also for dudes who don't identify with and are frustrated by all the "militant analist" propaganda out there. Even in porn, we often have to fast forward passed anal scenes just to get to the frot parts or else something else is mixed in like watersports (and I'm not talking "water polo") or dudes dressed as females or acting effeminate that ends up turning us off. If you identify with this and like me, find anal sex filthy and simply a way to disrespect each other's masculinity (being forced or forcing a dude to "play the woman". Real dudes know there is no substitute for a real woman) this is the site for you. For those who find this site offensive please note that it is subject specific and not intended to cater to everyone's likes and dislikes. This site will not tolerate frot possers looking to try to "convert" dudes or do something obscene to discourage and block those who, like you, have a right to like what they like.

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