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The Friends of the Dark Tambo Music Guide is really three joined joined sites. DJ Tokugawa will fill you in with the straight shit on bands G to P. To see bands A fo G, you gotta dip on over to DJ Babanuki's Site. For sites P to Z, quadruple-click to DJ Katsuobushi's Site.

Grapevine Hal from Apollo '69 Hamasaki Ayumi Hi-Standard Hoshi Ikeda Ken
Iroika Japanese Hip Hop (The Best Of) Jav Jav Jitterin Jinn Judy and Mary Kahimi Karie
Kaji Hideki Karate Psycho Kawamura Ryuichi Kazumi with Rickies K-Dub Shine Korean Buddhist God
Lar'cenciel Lefty in the Right Logic System Maebashi City Hardcore Indies Compilation The Margarines Matsutoya Yumi
M-Flo Michelle Gun Elephant Microstar Minekawa Takako Misia
My Little Lover Mod Rock Momono Mikoto Mr. Children Mummy the Peepshow Mutant Monster Beach Party
Nanchuku Necozawa Emi Nelories Nice Music Nokko Oikawa Mitsuhiro
Olivia Ozawa Kenji Pizzicato Five Penicillin Pink Lady The Plagues
The Plastics Pacific State (techno compilation

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