Welcome to Frogmorton!

Frogmorton has outgrown its space here -- as of today, we're moving to a new location.  All the old stuff will stay here, but after the 7 of Afterlithe (July 7, 2003 on the Big Folks' calendar) the site will no longer be updated.  So for the latest filk and links, as well as our new Harry Potter filk section, please visit the new Frogmorton.

Here are the links to the old material still on this site:

Filk from the Floating Log

NEW!Filk from the Green Dragon

Stuff that I think is funny

Odds & Sods -- Random bric-a-brac

NEW!Professor Tolkien's ABC

Life Beyond Arda -- Are there intelligent beings on other worlds? The evidence thus far suggests not. 

    -- R. Smallburrow

Mark your calendars:

26 of Wedmath: TTT DVD release.  But hold out for:

18 of Blotmath:  TTT 4-disk DVD set.

And 17 of Foreyule: ROTK hits the theaters, although I understand it deals mostly with the events away South and skips over the most interesting and important part of the War -- the Scouring of the Shire, of course.  Big Folk -- go figure.

Earlier notes:


21 of Forelithe: Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix... well, you know.


April 6th was a triple holiday: Mallorn-Blooming day, Elvish New Year, and Sam the Mayor's birthday!


It's almost the end of Winterfilth here in the muddy Shire, and now that the Shirriff-house has been shut down, the Floating Log is open for business again.

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