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UPDATES: 11/29/03: added lyrics


I made this page to introduce love songs from legendary latin artists to english speaking people that never heard latin love songs before. If you are a fan of Romantic music, Pop love songs, Country love songs, Neil Diamond among others you might find something you like here. The songs are really catchy (like most love songs) so you don't need to know spanish to like them. All you need is an open mind. Dont deny yourself the opportunity to discover a whole new world of music!

I have provided 1 minute mp3 samples for download plus the lyrics of the songs. Each mp3 sample is under 240 kb in size (less than 1 minute download on 56k modems).

If you have comments or suggestions Sign my Guestbook!. I know this isnt the prettiest of pages but I made it so it is quick and easy to use.

If you don't know where to start listen to my favorites below. I Hope you enjoy the samples! (if you like the site and samples tell a friend!)


Camilo Sesto - "Quieres ser mi amante" (Do you want to be my secret lover) Lyrics
Jose Luis Rodriguez - "Dueño de nada" (Owner of nothing) Lyrics
Nino Bravo - "Mi Gran Amor" (My Great Love) Lyrics
Roberto Carlos - "Propuesta" (Proposal) Lyrics
Camilo Sesto - "Has nacido libre" (You were born free) Lyrics


Camilo Sesto (Contains 9 mp3 samples for download)
Nino Bravo (Contains 5 mp3 samples for download)
Roberto Carlos (Contains 4 mp3 samples for download)
Franco De Vita (Contains 2 mp3 samples for download)
Jose Luis Rodriguez (Contains 1 mp3 sample for download)
Juan Gabriel (Contains 1 mp3 sample for download)
Luis Miguel
Jose Jose

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