My Great-Grandfather, Violin and Bow Maker/Repairman, Frank J. Callier
1953 Los Angeles Examiner article, which mentions Callier working on Dave Rubinoff's Stradivarius.
Silver medal award
LA Times, Einstein article
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No part of this page can be used without permission. Pictures on this page are not to be used by anyone selling items made by Frank Callier.
The Callier violin shop is still being operated by Frank Callier's son, in Southern California. Callier's son is not involved with the making of this web-page. I do not know the value of items made by Fank J Callier. I do not own any instruments made by Frank J Callier. I own the original copies of the pictures on this website, that were given to me by my Grandmother. I am in the guitar repair business, and do not work on violin instruments. I do not know enough about violins to give any advice about them.

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