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St. James Infirmary

Many websites exist that salute and highlight the blues musician. That's terrific and most welcome. This one, however, will be different. This one will celebrate the individual songs and titles. For the lyrics that make them up. And, for the arrangements, etc.

If anyone should ask you,
Tell 'em I've got those St. James Infirmary blues.

Perhaps the greatest blues song is St. James Infirmary. We think. And, there are many others. Little Red Rooster. Stormy Monday. Crossroads. Many, more. We celebrate these tunes. Only you can decide if we're right, but we think so.

What makes a tune worth celebrating here? Well, the number of artists that record it, for one. Next, the position on the charts is another. Did the title cross over into another Billboard category?

So what we're focusing on, is the individual song. Nothing but the individual song. Where it takes us, we don't know. But we will not focus on the artist.

Stay tuned; this site is everchanging and improving. We hope it's indeed different than the average blues site.

Thank you...

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