Anime Mindblank
Can't get anime off your brain? Constantly daydreaming about your favorite characters? You, my friend are under the influence of an anime MINDBLANK. Hence the name of this site! And of course, I've got just the thing to help this condition . . . MORE ANIME. Just the thing you need in order to, I mean cure your condition.
The Loser I Still Am
December 15, 2004
Let's hear it for me! It's been nearly one year so far and still almost no progress on the site. But hey! I 've learned some HTML code. And that's something. Maybe if I actually ever get around to learning it I can move on to something better and actually work on this site? Perhaps, but fate and circumstance point to the glowing neon sign on the wall the flickers: "NO".

Well, for the real reason for this meager update. So I have a place to link to me avatar image. Mwahaha.
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