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Network+ Certification

Brief Information

Network+ Certification measures the technical knowledge of networking professionals with 18 - 24 months experience in the IT industry. It is a CompTIA , a vendor Neutral organisation.

Network+ is one shot. However, it requires thorough preparation. There is no prerequisite but it is wise to have gone through A+ first.

This Network+ course detail covers a wide range of networking technologies. It could be accepted as a prerequisite for vendor-specific IT certifications, like Cisco and Microsoft exams.

For more details about Network+ (the detailed objective, cost, how to register for the exam, etc) visit CompTIA.

This site will initially provide you with adequate web and book resources for Network+. Subsequently, study guides and online exams might be included.

If you are interested in other certification routes, click Computer Certifications

A number of useful sites for Network+ certification are listed below. The sites offer study guides, online exams with answers and so on. To your left are links to very useful books that will make passing your Network+ exam easy. The study guides are excellent, but you probably will get more details from the books. Therefore, buying at least a book will be wise.

Good Luck.

Network+ Study Guides and Practice Exams

Examnotes: A good site with good section on Network+ certification

Cramsession: A great site for numerous Certification Examinations.

A+ forum: A+ and Network+ site with good materials. You can download A+ and Network+ Study guides (in pdf format).

FreePractice. Has lots of online Practice Questions with answers on A+, Network+ and MCSE

Certified Computer Pro: † Contains certification materials for a number of certifications with a section on Network+. † has an A+ as well as I-NET+ tutorials and exama, with numerous links to other sites

Buy good Network+ certification books at good discounts from:

OR, type Network+ certification in the search box below to obtain useful resources.
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Network+ Books

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