Contrary to what a lot of people believe, homeschooling is a very effective way to teach your children.  There seems to be a basic concept that homeschooled children do not accelerate, or even keep up with children their own age.  Some think parents aren't qualified to teach their own children.  There also seems to be the idea that homeschooled children lack in socialization skills.

  Homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds in this country.  This article is to show just the opposite of all the questions listed above.  You will find necessary links on the links page below.

  To teach a child at home, all that is needed is for the parent to sign a "waiver of intent" with their local school district.  This can be done in the superintendent's office of the school the child attends.  When filling out the waiver, the parent must know the type of curriculum they will be teaching, what subjects, and how many hours will be taught by the day, week, and year. 

  There are numerous types of curriculums from unschooling to very structured classroom settings, and everything in between.  You can get descriptions of each type of curriculum by calling your state Department of Education and requesting a copy of their homeschool directory.  This directory will give you some basic ideas about how you would like to conduct your classes, or if you had rather not do structured sit down classes all day. 

  It's my opinion that each child should have a curriculum that is suited to his/her needs.  With younger children, they can be taught simply by doing day to day things, and lots and lots of reading.  If you have advanced children, as I have one, they can do subjects more suited to them, and a classroom structure is needed.

  Parents are not required by law to have any college, or any specific educational requirements.  Of course, you should know more than the child, and/or be willing to learn yourself in the process.  Homeschooling is excellent in that you can provide good quality education, to fit your child's needs and personal attention, and you can incorporate Biblical concepts and principals as well.

  In almost every area of the country, you can find homeschool support groups and meetings to attend, and by joining in these or homeschool email lists, you can meet and get to know other local homeschoolers, therefore your children meet and socialize with other homeschool children, with whom they have a common bond and interest.

  There are innumerable resources on the internet available to homeschooling children and their parents.  As I find these resources, I will add them to the links page at the bottom of this section.  If anyone finds anything of interest, and it's not listed on the links page, please email me and I will add it to the site.

  Obviously, homeschooling isn't for everyone.  But it has been shown that homeschoolers generally surpass the expectations of the public, and they are readily accepted into colleges, as colleges look more at ACT scores than at diplomas.  Homeschooling may be an option for people who can't afford private schooling, or just feel a call to teach their own children.

  No one is belittling teachers who work in the public school system, as some of them genuinely try to teach the best way they can.  But they are limited by law to what they can teach, and forced to teach some issues that are Biblically wrong.  In today's society of latchkey kids, it is necessary that they receive some kind of spiritual upbringing.

  It amazes me that children are being taught evolution, sex and drug education, and NOT being taught about creationism and God, and people wonder what is going wrong with today's kids.  When their is a rash of school violence, the first thing you see is a prayer vigil.  If they had only let God in the school in the first place, maybe it all could have been prevented.

  We need to take back charge of our children, of their education, and address their spiritual needs.  I don't believe it will improve until we realize something is wrong, and take a stand.  I urge everyone to consider homeschooling or private Christian schooling, or even starting their own private Christian school, as outlined on my page about "Starting a Christian School."
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