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Within the last couple of years, God has laid a burden on my heart to do something in Christian education.  I was working a full time job, and made more money than my husband did, but everyday I went to work I felt distracted, and believed that I was doing something wrong by sending my children to public school.  It was a combination of feelings concerning prayer and God being removed from the school system, and the escalation of school violence.  God tells us in Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it."  In other words, God was telling me that it is the responsbility of parents to raise their own children, and educate them.  So I left my job and began homeschooling my kids.

  While I believe homeschooling is a very effective method of teaching our kids, I still felt a burden to do something else.  Financially, it had never been possible to send four children to private school, so I felt that God was telling me something about starting an affordable Christian school for all parents.  The incidents that led up to this was no coincidence, it was the work of God.  I met a woman who I became good friends with, actually quite mysteriously.  We both homeschooled and we both always wanted to start a Christian school.  And we both wanted it affordable for all families.  Thus our endeavor.........

In Canada this is quite a normal way of doing things, I found out.  Instead of paying a per child tuition, the tuition rates are per family.  A family would pay a minimal amount each month regardless of how many children they had.  This is done by taking the prospected budget and dividing it per number of families you had, rather than per number of students, having set a minimum tuition rate, and a maximum tuition rate.  For example, you could set a minimum tuition rate of $150 for one child per month, and a maximum of $200 or $250 per family.  For smaller scaled schools, there are curriculums that are easily affordable on cd-rom.  You can purchase computers and one set of curriculum per grade.  Each computer can hold 5 students in the database per subject, and a teacher.  (This is based on a very specific curriculum, Alpha-Omega).  Given this aspect, teachers can "monitor" multi-grades at a time, and students can progress as much as they like, or stay on a particular lesson as long as they need.  You divide the cost of the curriculum and computers equally among the "families".

  The tuition per month would be to go to teachers salaries, utilities, leases, and insurance.  Now, no doubt the teachers aren't getting rich, they have to be dedicated to teaching children in the ways of God, and be spiritually dedicated.  The more children you get, the more the teachers can make.  This is a perfectly feasible plan, and I think if anyone sits down and does the math, they'll see it can work. 

  We are in the process now of beginning our school, and I ask everyone to pray for this.  I know that God is in this, and I hope that people will see it can work.  These days we tend to think that money makes the world go around, and while it does to some extent, there are still things we can do in missions that can reduce the stress of people on low incomes.

  I believe it is God's will that every child be given the opportunity to attend a Christian school, where He is still welcome.  If anyone would like additional information on forming a Christian school of this nature, please feel free to contact me through my email address, and I will post links as I get them.  Thanks so much, and God Bless You!


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