Recycling Tips
Plant        Marker's
Don't throw away your damaged mini blinds. Save them and cut them into plant makers and use a magic maker, wright the name of the plant on it. They work real well and the maker doesn't fade away. I yours them to mark my garden with and bulbs with that have to be dug up ever year.
Compost        Piles
Making a compost pile is very easy to do and cheap; it also help the environment. One way is to make a wire in closer using metal fence   post and chicken wire . You needs at least 4 or more of these stakes in order to make it into a square or a circle. Stake the posts into the ground and put them in a square shape or circle . Next yours the chicken        wire on the out side of the post raping it all the way around it with a  piece of wire ( clothes hanger work good) attach the chicken wire to the  post starting at the front right hand side, next go on to the last pole  and don't attach to the pole with the wire this will be your door. Using old or new clasps like the worn dog leash except the have to have a clasp on both end , attach on into the chicken wire door and the other end on the first post with the chicken wire. You will need at least 4 clasps in all to hold the compost in . Be shore and not make the compost any higher that 5 feet tall. Also do not put a bottom on the compost pile , this will let good parasites into the pile ,like worms. 
Rusty garden Tools
Rusty garden tools and any thing metal can be easy cleaned up with brake fluid of any kind just poor in a container and put tools in it to soak for a few min. or pour on and yous a steel wool pad to rub in it that simple and rinse that  rust away . Then paint or finish it and store rust free till next year.
Dried Sunflower Stems can be used to make garden trellises and tamato stacks and any other stacks or supports that you need in your garden.
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