Tree's and Flower's Wildlife
hawthorn trees                                                 Cedar wax wings

Mulberry tree's and cherry tree's                        Blue jays and cardinals

pear trees                                                         Baltimore orioles

Coral Honey suckle, red salvia,turk's cap, cypress vine,hibiscus and spider plant.
   Attract humming birds And just about any thing red.

Nut barring tree's                                              Squirrels ,birds,raccoons,etc.       

mulberries trees and any fruit barring tree            Fox's , coon's, possums,deer,
                                                                         and birds.
Bird        Alert
Bird feeder's,bird bath'sand bird houses are just a few of other  things that attract birds to your yard. Biird feeders are easy to make  out of old soda bottles , milk jugs and empty
cans. So when creating me  relative with your ideas. Also gourds growing in your garden make great bird houses.
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