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List Of Fall Planting And Clean Up Tips.
1.   Time to plant your Spring Flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils,iris and more so they bloom next spring.

2.   Time to plant all your fall blomming bushes and tree's, like crape myrtle and red maple tree's to.

3.   Time to dig up all your annual bulbs like crocus , gladiolus and cannas just to name a few. Just store them in basket with lots of holes or in onion bags hanging up. But before you put them in there dust them with medicated powder.

4.   Time to prune your tree's and bushes back for the winter make shure and get rid of all the dead and diseased brankes to.

5.   It's also time to check your flower beds to see if there mulch is still ok our if a layer is needed.

6.   Also it's a good time to divide some of your plants.

7.   Time to clean up your vegtable garden and till under the weeds. If your planing on planting a cover crop ( which I rrcommend ) then do so now annual rye is the cover crop Ireccommend.

8.   Clean all garden tools and store them in a bucket of sand and oil , so all you have to do next year is get them out and use them.

9.   It's allso harvest time for most of your apple trees and other fruit tree's in oct. it will be time for picking pumkins.

10.  And last but not least After all the leaves have fallen to the ground, it's time to get rid of them from your yard and flower beds .  Don't mulch them all up in your lawn or you will half to replant your lawn next year .  Because mulching up all the leave in your lawn will not allow the lawn to breath, and will supicate it.

                                  Keep gardening and have fun until next year.
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