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Hi my name is Erin, I'm a mother off 4 and love Nature in all it's beauty. About a year ago I got    an Idea to create a web site for  people to get information on gardening and improving there landscape. A  friend of mine was starting to make a web site of her own and helped me  allot. .  I told her what I wanted and began to build it. I wanted to give people sound advice on something I new allot about and loved. But I wanted it to have information for beginners and advanced gardeners. I also wanted for people to easily be able to contact me via email if they had any Questions or comments. I wanted to make a great reference site for everyone , that wasn't going to cost anyone allot of money, it's free!        
   I think I have done just that, If you like to
save money and love gardening then you will love this site. Check out my guest book to see what people are saying about my site, And sign it to let me now what you think also. Thanks Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do.
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