Ok this is a work in progress, but after a few emails I decided that I needed to get some of the basics.  I am terrible at instructions so if anyone has opinions or suggestions please email them to ME.
First you need to find your worlds.ini file.  Ive read its easy to make a shortcut on your desktop, but I dont its your decision, what ever is easiest for you.

Click on your start button then choose find then choose file or folder.  In the search box that opens type in  worlds.ini   in the name field of the box.  Then use the drop arrow  to select which drive you want to search for your file on.  Most people have it on their C drive.  Now click the Find Now button.  This could take a little while.  Once the file is found double click it  to open.  This next step is very important.
With your ini file open choose
SAVE AS and rename it  something that you will remember, like Worlds Back Up.  Now that you have changed the name you need to close your back up file and open the worlds.ini file again.  If something should go wrong you can open your back up file and save it over your new ini file.
Now look down your ini file for a line that bigins with VIPAVATAR=avatar  this line should always be one line with no spaces or returns in it.  If it is not you need to choose edit and make sure your word warp is turned off.  Now go to the avatar code you want to use left click on it and highlight the entire line,  now right click and choose copy.  OK back to your ini file.  Find the VIPAVATAR-avatar line again left click on it and highlight the entire line, now right click and choose paste.  Now choose  File  Save go back to your worlds screen and teleport to somewhere.  TADA  you changed cloths somewhere in your teleport.
Creating your own avatars
Finding your ini file
Copy and Pasting Avatar Codes.
Here is a basic description of your avatar line
                                            a     b    c    d     e     f 

I once read what the OE means but I cannot remember and cannot find my notes. 
The  C_T is a color code as with the other C_P and ect  each C_? is a color 
the first color in the line is a, second is b third is c forth is d fith is e  and sixth is f

The Capital letters following the colors are sections of your body
L  =  Left Upper Arm               R  =  Right Upper Arm
M =  Right Lower Arm             U  =  Left Lower Arm
O =  Left Hand                        V  =  Right hand
I  =  Left Upper Leg                 W =  Right Upper
J  =  Left Lower Leg                X =  Right Lower Leg
K = Left Shoe                          Y =  Right Shoe
B =  Body                                P =  Pelvis
N = Neck                                Q = Head
Z = Tail                                   D = Face

Important: Ive noticed with beginners (me included) that they do not know what the lower case
letter after the body letter is for.

It is used as a reference to a color so the La = Left upper arm/first color in the line.
                                                           Lb = Left upper arm/second color in the line
                                                           Lc = Left upper arm/third color in line
                                                           Ld = Left upper arm/fourth color in line
                                                           Le = Left upper arm/fifth color in line
                                                           Lf = Left upper arm/sixth color in line

Ok enough for today  I promise to be back with more information when as soon as I get more time.
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