Adam Kane - The Leader of Mutant X

Control systems, dysfunctional traits, and cult-like patterns in Season 1 of Mutant X

A visit to the Berlin Shaolin Temple

"Eine Plotline würdig des Dritten Reichs" - Translation of an essay by Darkmirage  

Eine X-Men 3 Kritik von Walter Chaw ( German) / ( English )

Mutant X Dialogues (for further discussion)


Presumed guilty until innocence is proven?

Adam's poem: Archer in the Sky

'nother poem

Douglas O'Keefe (Frank Thorne) Screencaps / Fan Art by Electra Complex

Exclusive ! Paul Breedlove's Secret Art Gallery (1937) and Secret Library (1889)

Mason Eckhart Pics / Miscellanous

Some stories just need to be told *shrugs*

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Mutant X and beyond: Meet the Vultipus !




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