I want to be a member del Partido Socialista del Valle
                          What are the requirements?

We encourage membership with SPUSA since it connects you to the larger membership and gives the right to vote on internal key issues of the party. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to be a current member in SPUSA in order to be part of the Partido Socialista del Valle. We do hope that you will join the Socialist Party USA.  Membership fees for the Socialist Party USA, please visit

To become a member of the Partido Socialista del Valle, these are the general requirements:

1) Subscribe to the
“Principles of the Socialist Party USA."

2) Committed to building Democratic Socialism in our community.

3) Committed to being involved in social and/or labor movements and activities.

4) Committed to the Partido Socialista del Valle by being active in organizing the party and being active in its community actions.


I, the undersigned, desiring to bring about by democratic means a new society based upon democratic socialism, hereby apply for membership in the Partido Socialista del Valle and subscribe to the Principles of the Socialist Party USA.

Yo, el suscrito, deseando promover por medios democráticos una nueva sociedad basada en el socialismo democrático, solicito por este medio mi afiliacion en el Partido Socialista del Valle y me suscribo a los principios del Partido Socialista USA.


Address/Direccion Postal:______________________________________________________________

City/Ciudad:________________    State/Estado: ______ Zip Code/Codigo Postal:_______________

Tel. # / Num. Telefónico: _________________ E-mail/Correo Electrónico:_____________________


Please send via mail or e-mail:

Partido Socialista del Valle
PMB 117
1805 East Ruben Torres Sr.
Suite A-16
Brownsville, TX  78526
Raul Cano, organizer - (956) 490-4220

If you still got questions, send us an e-mail or call us.
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