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I like participating in a variety of role-playing styles and games, including both 'live' or 'tabletop' (in the same room as the other players), and online MUSHing. My favorite 'games of choice' are TSR's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons™ (AD&D), and the White Wolf games, Vampire: The Masquerade™ (V:TM), and Mage: The Ascension™ (M:TA). These provide links that may be useful to others interested in these social activities.

Collectible Card Games

Like too many other people to count, I have become interested in collectible card games. I have a small CCG page dedicated to links and files of interest to those who play Magic: The Gathering™, Rage™, and Jyhad™ or Vampire: The Eternal Struggle™

Beauty and Fashion

In between playing all these games and collecting all these cards, I try to keep myself fresh and beautiful looking (and feeling). My fashion and beauty page has more information about my experiments with cosmetics, skin care, and velvety/lacy glam-goth fashions. I'm a rabid supporter of body art and body alteration, though, I'm not so augmented that I can't get a nice office job. You can check out what I HAVE done on my Body Alteration page.

Ferret Fun

March of '99, I fufilled an almost lifelong pet ambition and became the human mommy to a domestic ferret. December, I bought my second. My ferret page tells all about this, and features some photographs.

Simulated Horse Racing

I've been horse-crazy since I was a little girl...a horse or pony used to be on my Christmas list every year. From the time I first read the "Black Stallion" books, till I grew too tall, I was frantic to be a girl jockey. Now, I just settle for the VR racing experience.


My husband bought me a biosphere for Christmas, 1999. This is a sealed glass sphere with shrimp, snails, algae, and plants designed to be a balanced ecosystem. I'm having fun with it, so far :).

Other companies that produce self-contained systems:

Other Pages Of Mine

  • I'm putting together information on my interest in Celtic medievalism. My Celtic Re-Enactments Site has recently been updated to include frames. This site has been a labor of love since the spring of '98.
  • Want to see my Knight In Shining Armor? Actually, he's Irina's knight (Sir Hollis Sedgewick), but she's being nice and sharing...Hollis has a horse, and a jaw, to DIE for! And, he's just SO beautiful that Irina and I are dedicating a page to him! Why not check out the Sir Hollis Sedgewick Fan Club?
  • The Great Underwear Survey: Okay, well, maybe it's not all that 'great', but, I someday hope it will be. For now, check out the survey and see what the (admittedly little bit of) hype is all about!

Odds and Ends

  • Why is This Page Mirrored??? Actually, my page is no longer mirrored. The only existing site is now on Geocities. But, the old saga may still interest you.
  • Learn about me and my family members.
  • A slide-show photo album of my friends, family, and important extras. Slow to run, but, kind of neat!

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