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CNC Routing

Though I finished carving my signs by hand ,they are "roughed out" with a CNC router. I do this to save on time which  make my carvings more affordable.

More To Come

Custom CNC Routing

I am working on more designs at this moment and hope to have different categories such as "Up North", Nautical/Marine, & Garden.

I also have the capabilities to do custom CNC routing . Capabilities include pattern cutting, joinery, piece work, parts & 3D carving on variety of materials such as wood, MDF,  foam, plastics, aluminum. Contact me for details!

Carved doors ,chest, mirrors and sign/mail box post are available and will be added to portfolio in the future.


I have the capability to supply retailers with Welcome signs and chests at wholesale prices in a timely manner. Stock designs are available and can be personalized. New designs can be created to fit the theme of the store. Contact me.

Designs by Rollo

6373 Lund Road

Fife Lake, MI


Phone: (231)879-3708

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