Welcome to the web page of an UNreconstructed Southerner. The following pages are going to have information about me and my family history, the SCV, and the Confederacy in general. Most of it is stuff that the NAACP, and theRainbow/PUSH coilation would have you believe does not exist, and what they would love to see disappear. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

The purpose of this site, is to promote the true history of the South, and the true reasons for the War for Southern Independence.

I was sworn in as a member of the Lt. General James Longstreet SCV camp 1289 in January.



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At any rate, my pages are seriously out of date. I will be revamping them as I find time. I am a graduating (I hope) senior this year. Please be patient, as school is my first priority.

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