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One may find it strange that I have listed thorns, and of any kind to boot! Well, believe it or not, there is a good reason for including thorns here. Thorns happen to be excellant protection! My maternal grandparents both knew of many herbal remedies; they also of knew of ways to protect and repell negative and/or evil energies.

One of the ways they used to repell negative/evil energies was by incorporating the use of thorns. We have alot of wild rose bushes on our land (we live out in the country) and the thorns from these rose bushes have provided protection for our family.

My Grandmother used to say that ANY type of thorny plant will work just as good as the wild rose bushes. For example, raspberry bushes are quite thorny and as such, would provide great protection.

To use, gather some thorny branches, make sure to wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt or a jacket,(remember to leave your offering to the plant while explaining why you are taking a part of it). You can then place the thorns around the outside of your home, a couple of branches for each direction. Or you may form a wreath and hang it up by your doorway or near a window. Thorns may also be placed under one's bed, to provide added protection to those who sleep there.

The concept for the use of thorns, is much like the concept for the Witch's Protection Bottle that is filled with sharp objects like broken glass, razor blades, nails etc.

If at all possible, plant thorny plants on your property (if you are able to), you could plant roses, raspberries among others.

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