***This also can be adapted for humans too, 
offerings could include: wine, milk, food, 
tobacco etc. In the blank area's insert the name 
of the departed one.This was written at the
request of an aquaintance of mine.***

To Ease One's Heart

1 white candle 1 pink candle Offering to departed pet (milkbone, favorite toy, carrots, tuna etc)

This is basically, just a simple prayer to the deities and an offering to the departed/dying pet. Cast the circle, light the white candle and the pink candle. Then say the following:

"If __________'s time is near, Lord & Lady, welcome him/her to your breast, even though I shed many a tear. Bless my humble friend, The one who blessed me with their devoted love to the end. Although my heart is near to broken, _________ please accept this meager token.

(milkbone, tuna etc,is placed in the offering plate)

My love for you is ever strong, For you, my heart will always long. In time my heart will heal. Pain I will no longer feel. But my soul will always remember and know, The bond we shared, the love you've bestowed."

Let the candles burn for as long you wish. Bury the offering outside in an area where it will not be disturbed. If you choose, you may burn a white votive candle each day, for as long as you want, in remembrance of the departed one.

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