Spells of Healing

Healing Spell for a Beloved Pet
***This Healing Spell may be adapted for Human use, 
it is not restricted to pets. In the blank area's 
insert the name of the one who the spell is for***

1 dark purple candle, brown or a blue candle 1 white candle 1 black candle Healing incense

Cast a circle in the usual manner. If your pet 
can not be in the circle with you, use something 
symbolic of your pet (color, picture, tags, their 
name written on a blank piece of white paper etc). 
Annoint the purple/brown/blue candle with a healing 
oil. Hold the black candle in your hands, and 
visualize the sickness being absorbed into the black 
candle, being fully transferred from your pet into 
the black candle. Place candles in candle holders.

Light the white candle first, then the purple/brown or blue candle and then the black. Then, hold your pet (if this is not possible, hold a colar or picture etc of her/him) close to your heart. Then, chant the following, while visualizing your pet making a full recovery. Chant the following:

"Lord & Lady, please send healing energies towards ____'s way. Let his/her health be renewed day by day. From this sickness, let ______ fully recover. Around ______, let no illness hover. Ease ______'s pain, Let health be her/his gain."

Keep chanting and visualizing for as long as you can. On the final repetition, after the last line, say:

"So mote it be."

Let the candles burn themselves out. This can be repeated as often as possible. Remember that we also have the responsibility to seek medical care for our pets who are stricken with illness, this spell should be used in conjunction of that specialized care.

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