Seven Directions

Everyone is familiar with the traditional four directions. However, there are three other directions that are sometimes not thought of very often. There's the traditional East, South, West and North. Then there is Above, Below and Within. Here is a simple prayer, that can be adapted to your needs, whether it be for protection, love, power, healing or if you just want to connect to the beauty of life.

Beauty to the East of Me
Beauty to the South of Me
Beauty to the West of Me
Beauty to the North of Me
Beauty Above Me
Beauty Below Me
Beauty Within Me
Beauty Surrounds Me

This is just one example of how this prayer/chant/meditation can be used. You can substitute the word "Beauty" with "Healing" or "Protection" or "Strength" or whatever other word you want. I have found this useful when doing healing rituals, visualizing the healing energies coming from each of the seven directions and enveloping the person/animal. I find it to be a very peaceful, as well as powerful device that is easily incorporated into various other spells and rites.

You may also want to light a colored candle that is relevant to the mediation that you are doing. For instance, if using the above prayer/ meditation for healing, you may light a green or blue candle. For protection, you may light a white candle and so forth. Remember to use "virgin" candles.
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